Salmon Cannon Fires Out Fish At 20Mph

The “salmon cannon” is now running on a river in southwest Washington. It’s a new invention, designed and built by a company in Bellevue, and it’s attracting worldwide attention for how fast it can move live fish. “There’s nothing like…

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Christchurch Police Reach Out To Facebook For Help…

Christchurch Police recently reached out to the community via Facebook to help find a suspect. The online community is usually far more helpful and more effective than going door to door, but I don’t think they anticipated this response… Free…

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The Difference Between Aussies & Kiwis

As someone from New Zealand traveling overseas, you can often be mistaken for one of our not too distant neighbours. But I always assure people that there is quite a big difference between Aussies and Kiwis, and the following stories…

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You Won’t Believe This RV Salvage Yard!

‘The Nomadic Fanatic’. This is Eric, a single guy, living the American dream as a full time Rver. He lives on a dime with his furry friend Jax, who was shameless when it came to striking a less than dignified…

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10 English Surnames That Are About To Go Extinct

Last names can also go extinct just like species do. And in this article from Ancestry, we will take a look at some English names that are slowly dying, on the brink of extinction, or have completely disappeared. If you anyone…

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20 Things You Can Do With Yarn Besides Knitting

A collection of amazingly simple crafting projects which actually require no knitting whatsoever! These ideas will have you heading off to buy that lovely wool that you wished you had something to make from it! Delightful projects such as cuddly…

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